Stuart Kaufman, MS, MBA
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Stuart Kaufman, Personal and Business Coach

Stuart Kaufman, MS, MBA is a personal and business coach who helps Real Estate professionals and other business owners successfully deal with their challenges and opportunities.

What do YOU most want for your life and business?

Life and Business Coaching Overview Video
Do your fears and beliefs hold you back from being more productive and having more fun in your life? I can help you get out of your own way so you...

I want and deserve more business and referrals from my Sphere of Influence so that I can earn more and work less.

I want to run my business instead of my business running me so that I have more control and less stress and anxiety.

I want to form, cultivate and/or nurture a group of professionals so that we become an effective team that respects each other’s strengths and differences.

I want to create more balance and healthy boundaries so that I can more fully enjoy and experience life. I want to use my time more efficiently so I can be more productive and experience life more fully.

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